Five Quays Marine Services is proud to offer a unique online certificate program in Marine Surveying. In partnership with the SUNY Learning Network, Maritime has developed a truly interactive solution for industry professionals looking to gain knowledge and experience in this field.

The overall aim of the Five Quays Marine Services is to provide an online training platform to aid surveyors in obtaining continuing education. Our three courses of study in Cargo Surveying, Hull Surveying and Yacht Damage Surveying are perfect for all new surveyors and those surveyors wishing to cross-train in different disciplines in the industry. Our program is also a great resource for claims adjusters, insurance underwriters and investigators seeking to take the qualifying exams from certifying authorities in the industry. We welcome those new to the industry looking to obtain relevant career training and gain professional credentials.

By completing the course, a student will become familiar with the role of a surveyor, the capacity with which a surveyor works and the direction to follow to develop their own expertise in the field. The latest trends, technology and practices will be thoroughly covered. Upon successful completion of all course work, online candidates will have a solid understanding of these fields and be ready to work in many different aspects of marine surveying. Each course is designed for the improvement of job performance, advancement to other positions and for exam preparation for professional associations, such as NAMS, SAMS, ABYC and IIMS.

The course material is completed at the student’s own pace – within a scheduled time frame. This self-directed learning is provided via multiple formats: PDF, PowerPoint, audio files and video media clips. Group interaction is an important element of the learning environment and is encouraged in our programs. Tools for discussions and questions are easily achieved though the SUNY Learning Network. There are many opportunities to interact, network and study with your online classmates.

Each of our 3 online marine surveying courses carry 6 CEU credits. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are a nationally acknowledged standard for recognizing the completion of non-credit professional development learning activities from an approved provider. One Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is generally credited for each ten contact hours of qualified training.

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