Thordon Bearings  designs and manufactures a complete range of high performance, environmentally friendly journal bearing solutions for marine, pump, hydro-turbine, offshore oil and other industrial markets.

Since the first Thordon bearing was developed in 1966, Thordon has continuously improved its high performance polymer technologies and bearing designs to become the world leader in elastomeric bearing technology. Our applications engineering and global technical support teams work closely with you to provide innovative bearing solutions that meet or exceed the technical requirements of your application.

Thordon high performance, non-metallic bearings can:

  • Provide long bearing wear life
  • Eliminate oil or grease
  • Operate in dirty, abrasive environments
  • Withstand high shock loads and edge loading

    With Thordon bearings specified all around the world, an extensive distribution network has been established in over 70 countries. Thordon Technical

    Services department and factory trained distributors and agents can provide you with assistance, product and installation support.

    We supply and offer professional services in the following fields:

  • Vessel dry-docking installations
  • Thordoncompac propeller shaft bearing systems
  • ThordonRivertough tailshaft bearings
  • Thordon Shaft seals
  • Thordon Rudder bearings
  • Thordon Deck machinery bearings
  • Thordon Dredge bearings
  • Thordon Main Shaft Guide bearings
  • Thordon Wicket gate / linkage / operating bearings
  • Thordon Segmented shaft seals
  • Thordon Pump bearings
  • Other Hydro Applications

    We offer Thordon oil and grease free bearing for all your hydro application including:

  • Operating Ring Wear Pads
  • Servo-Motor and Servo-Link Bearings
  • Wicket Gate Thrust Bearings
  • Butterfly Valve Seals and Trunnion Bearings
  • Screen Bearings and Wear Pads
  • Pump Bearings
  • Control Gate Bearings
  • Wicket Gate and Operating Mechanism Seals
  • Hydraulic Seals
  • Kaplan Turbine Runner Blade Stem Seals
  • Kaplan Blade Bushings
  • Head Gate Bearing Rollers
  • Thrust Cap Washers
  • Other vessel/marine parts

    In addition to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) recognition and recommendation, Thordon Bearings help to cut maintenance costs, reduce downtime and get longer, more reliable bearings. This lowers the life-cycle costs for your core bearing needs:

  • Zero pollution risk (no oil required)
  • 15-Year Wear Life Guarantee for COMPAC in bluewater     operation
  • Turnkey engineering and installation support
  • Easy fitting
  • Reduced seal maintenance costs
  • Inspections without shaft withdrawal
  • Resistance to shock and edge loading
  • Survivability
  • Global availability
  • Long Wear Life
  • Low Friction/No “Stick-Slip”
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Sizing Flexibility – Easily Machined On site
  • Pollution Free Operation – Wet or Dry
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Hardened Journals Not Required
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High resistance to shock loading and vibration

    Our highly experienced staff has the technical expertise to offer you the highest quality services you require for your vessel dry-docking, general maintenance and other logistics operations with optimal efficiency.

Thordon Hydro Turbine Bearings Product Descriptions

Thordon ThorPlas-Blue

ThorPlas-Blue is an engineered thermoplastic, capable of dry start-up and design pressures up to 45Mpa (6,527 psi).  It operates in water, up to 80°C (230°F).  In dry conditions, it operates up to 100°C (230°F).  In non-abrasive environments, ThorPlas-Blue has very low wear rates.

Thordon SXL

Thordon SXL is capable of working pressure up to 10MPa (1,450 psi).  The coefficient of friction is typically between 0.10-0.20.  SXL is capable of dry start-up and can operate in either wet or dry environments.  It is highly resistant to abrasion, shock loading, and vibration.


Thordon GM2401

Made specifically for use in very abrasive water environments, GM2401 is stiffer and at least twice the abrasion resistance of rubber.  It also has a lower coefficient of friction that rubber.


Thorseal Hydraulic Seal

Thorseal hydraulic seal keeps abrasives away from the bearing surface.  It is capable of working pressures from 0-100 MPa (0-15,000 psi) and is extremely tough, never cutting or tearing.  It has a low COEFFICIENT OF FRICTION, is self-lubricating, and has a long wear life with reduced maintenance costs.    Thorseal can be custom designed to solve difficult sealing challenges.


Thordon Propeller Shaft Descriptions

Thordon Propeller Shaft Bearings

Thordon propeller shaft bearings are available in four different grades and multiple configurations to offer the optimal bearing solution for each owner’s specific application and technical requirements.  Open seawater lubricated bearing options include Thordon COMPAC, RiverTough, SXL, and XL.

With over 35 years of experience, Thordon has solid references in over 2,000 marine propeller shaft bearing applications.  Whether your bearing needs are for repair, conversion, or newbuild, Thordon propeller shaft bearings and bearing systems deliver proven, reliable, cost-effective performance.


Thordon COMPAC Propeller Shaft Bearings

Thordon COMPAC is a high performance water lubricated bearing system primarily for “blue water” operating conditions.  Specially formulated with a low coefficient of friction to reduce startup friction and eliminate stick-slip, COMPAC is designed to promote early formation of a hydrodynamic film at lower shaft speeds.  The lower (loaded) portion of the bearing is smooth, while the upper half has water grooves to lubricate and cool the bearing.

Thordon RiverTough Propeller Shaft Bearings

Thordon RiverTough bearings are specially formulated to provide longer wear life in highly abrasive and dirty water conditions, such as river boat propeller shafts and suction cutter head bearings on dredges.  RiverTough has proven to last at least twice as long as rubber bearings in extreme environments.

Thordon SXL Propeller Shaft Bearings

Thordon SXL offers a lower coefficient of friction for lower break-away torque and smoother operation at lower shaft speed, increased resistance to third particle abrasive wear, and longer wear life compared to XL.

Thordon XL Propeller Shaft Bearings

Our traditional propeller shaft bearing grade, Thordon XL is a general purpose bearing offering superior performance compared to many other bearings commonly used in propeller shaft applications.  XL provides long wear life, a low coefficient of friction, reasonable abrasion resistance, and cost effectiveness.

Thordon TG100 Seal

The Thordon TG100 is a mechanical seal for 88mm (3.5”) to 305mm (12”) propeller shafts found in workboats, dredgers, tugs, yachts, patrol craft, and other coastal vessels operating in either clean or dirty, abrasive-laden water.

Manufactured for long wear life and reduced maintenance costs, TG100’s elastomeric bellows accept both axial and radial shaft movement and compensate for alignment issues.  Its unique emergency seal allows stand-alone operation to get you back to port safely, without damaging the seal.  The wedge “lock” design ensure the rotary face is perfectly square to the shaft.

Thordon Pump and Industrial Bearings Descriptions

Thordon Vertical Pump Bearings

Thordon Bearings designs and manufactures the most complete line of oil and grease-free vertical pump bearings in the industry.  Thordon elastomer grades offer the best combination of strength and stiffness with flexibility and elasticity, along with high abrasion resistance.  Thordon thermoplastic grades operate at higher temperatures and pressures than Thordon elastomers with improved chemical resistance.


ThorPlas-Blue is an engineered thermoplastic, capable of dry start-up and design pressures up to 45Mpa (6,527 psi).  It operates in water and chemicals, up to 80°C (230°F).  In dry conditions, it operates up to 100°C (230°F).  In non-abrasive environments, ThorPlas-Blue has very low wear rates.


ThorPlas-White is NSF/ANSI 61 and WRAS approved for drinking water applications, as well as NSF/ANSI 51 certification for food equipment applications.  It has a low coefficient of friction, low wear, and excellent dry-run capability due to built-in lubricants. It is easy to install and to machine—no nuisance dust produced as a result.

Thordon SXL

The preferred choice for dry start-up capability, Thordon SXL offers a lower dry coefficient of friction of 0.10-0.20.  It also capable of workings pressures up to 12MPa (1,740 psi).  SXL is highly resistant to abrasion, shock loading and vibration, and can operate in wet or dry conditions.


This elastomeric polymer bearing has excellent mechanical property (in water) at higher temperatures of up to 80°C (176°F).  Its internal lubricants provide dry run capabilities similar to Thordon SXL, and its wear characteristics are similar to existing Thordon elastomer grades.  PT80 has high abrasion resistance and a low coefficient of friction.

Thordon Composite (GM2401)

Thordon Composite is made specifically for use in very abrasive water environments.  Compared to rubber, Composite is stiffer, has at least twice the abrasion resistance, and has a lower coefficient of friction.  Composite is easy to install, water lubricated (no grease), and reduces maintenance downtime.

Thordon HPSXL

Thordon HPSXL has a higher resistance to shock and loading vibration.  Among all of Thordon’s bearings, it has the lowest dry coefficient of friction and is moderately resistance to abrasives.  It is capable of working pressure up to 15MPa (2,175 psi).


Thordon SXL and Thordon HPSXL can be housed in a metallic carrier called TRAXL to reinforce strength for high pressure applications.  TRAXL uses about 2mm (1/16”) wall of bearing material and protects the bearing from deformation.  It is often applied where bearings are subject to extreme pressures of up to 70MPa (10,000 psi).

Thordon XL

Thordon XL has a very long life with a low coefficient of friction.  It is resistant to abrasion and provides optimum performance in clean water applications.

Thordon Rudder Bearings Descriptions

Thordon SXL Rudder Bearings

Thordon SXL rudder bearings offer low friction, operating pressures up to 12 MPa (1,740 psi) and do not require grease or greasing systems.  Thordon SXL can also withstand high shock loads and edge loading.


An impressive reference list of demanding, yet satisfied customers is available.  Thordon SXL is recognized as the proven choice for value, guaranteed performance, and freedom from pollution concerns.

Thordon SXL rudder bearings offer low friction, operating pressures up to 12 N/mm2 (1,740 psi) and the complete elimination of grease and greasing systems removing any risk of pollution. Thordon SXL can also withstand high shock loads and edge loading.

SXL Rudder Bearing Performance Guarantee

Thordon guarantees that SXL rudder bearings will meet Classification Society wear specifications for 15 years in all newbuild projects, or twice the life of the replaced non-Thordon bearing to a maximum of 10 years for repairs, or a new bearing will be supplied, free of charge.


High Performance Thordon Bearings & Seals

In addition to SXL rudder pintle, stock, and carrier disc bearings, SXL TRAXL or ThorPlas-Blue can be specified grease free in steering and linkage applications, as well as fin stabilizers. In workboat applications, ThorPlas-Blue is recommended for the more highly loaded bushings in the tiller arm and “jockey-bar” linkages. Both products operate grease free saving you time, money and the risk of pollution.


ThorPlas-Blue Steering & Linkage Bearings

ThorPlas-Blue is an engineered thermoplastic, for high pressure applications up to 45 MPa (6,527 psi).  It is capable of wet or dry operation and displays very low wear in non-abrasive environments.  This lifetime lubricated homogenous polymer never requires grease or oil lubrication.


ThorPlas-Blue Deck Machinery Descriptions

ThorPlas-Blue Bearings for Deck Machinery

Ensuring reliable operation of all equipment installed above the waterline is a tough issue for any ship’s crew.  Deck machinery and steering gear bearings require frequent maintenance and grease lubrication.  If routine maintenance is delayed or greasing is overlooked, it has a high cost consequence for the ship owner—seized bearings can cause expensive rope replacement, safety issues as a result of manual greasing, and vibration causing damage to the piston and cylinders.


ThorPlas-Blue is a maintenance-free solution, eliminating a source of pollution.  The proprietary engineered thermoplastic bearing is capable of pressures up to 45MPa (6,527 psi); higher pressures may be possible with Thordon Engineering review.  ThorPlas-Blue can easily be back fit into virtually all applications where greased bronze is currently installed.  A stainless steel or non-corrosive mating surface should be used.


Typical ThorPlas-Blue Deck Equipment Maintenance Free Applications

  • Fairleads
  • Lifeboat davits and sheave bearings
  • Tiller arm and jockey bar bearings
  • Hydraulic steering gear self-aligning bearings
  • Pivot point bushings on embarkation and loading platforms
  • Cranes, hoists, and deck loading equipment
  • Winches
  • Watertight doors and hatches